“intoxicating beauty ... a minimalist mood poem to loss and alienation.”

– New York Times


"visual artistry...nothing short of masterful"

– Los Angeles Times


"the pic plumbs feminine mysteries beyond male ken ... Craig Macneill and Alexei Kaleina's rustic tone poem "The Afterlight," where cryptic images of ominous beauty, held together by pure surface tension, exert a strange fascination."

– Variety


"Alexei Kaleina and Craig Macneill's proudly minimalist affair favors ambiguity over soap-operatics, evoking the inescapable heartache of a loss so great, it cannot be uttered.”

– TimeOut NY


"A genuine American Art Film."

– Mike Wilmington, Movie City News


"A conspicuously beautiful film."

– David Sterritt, National Society of Film Critics




2011 International Rome Film Festival 



09/10/10 - 09/16/10 New York, New York / Quad Cinema 

03/25/11 - 03/31/11 Chicago, Illinois / Facets Cinematheque 

06/02/11  Walton, New York  / Walton Theatre 

09/02/11 - 09/08/11 Seattle, Washington / Grand Illusion Seattle

09/02/11 - 09/08/11 Los Angeles, California / Downtown Independent



In a haunting and beautiful countryside, a young couple hopes to start a new life. Andrew and Claire find themselves far from their roots. They move into an old schooldhouse that sits on a farm owned by an elderly widow and her blind niece, Maria. The couple’s arrival sets off events that will alter all the lives of everyone around them. As tensions build, a late summer thunderstorm and a solar eclipse trigger dark outcomes.



Michael Kelly, Jicky Schnee, Ana Asensio, and Rip Torn.