Official selection at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival, "Late Bloomer" is a compelling and humorous short film about 7th grade sexual education class gone horribly wrong. Loosely based on the dark tales of H.P. Lovecraft.

Lake Placid Film Festival (*Audience Award Best Short Film)
CineVegas International Film Festival
Box[ur]Shorts Film Festival (*Winner for Best Short Film and the Audience Award for Best Short Film)
Florida Film Festival
Calgary International; Film Festival
Atlantic Film Festival
Maryland Film Festival
St. Louis International Film Festival
Nashville Film Festival
Rhode Island International Film Festival
One Reel International Film Festival
Los Angeles International Short Film Festival
Saratoga Film Forum
Montreal Comedia Film Festival (*Best of the Fest)
Museum of Modern Art San Diego
Henry Miller/Big Sur Int'l Film screening series
Small Town Film Festival
Horrible Imaginings Film Festival
Stay Gold Gallery
Rooftop Films
Brookyn Independent Cinema Series
Space Gallery San Fransisco
HP Lovecraf Film Festival (*Winner for Best Short Film)
The Last Picture Show Film Festival DEKK Tribeca
Pumpkin Pie Show
Waterfest Grand
Film Freight Salon
NYC Starving Artist Ball
Barbes Brooklyn
Brick Theater Film Festival
DragonCon Film Festival

"Brilliant little Gem ... One of the funniest things I have seen in some time...Fine example of short filmmaking."
–Film Threat

"A wonderful film!"
–Elvis Mitchell, film critic

"H.P. Lovecraft goes to 7th grade Sex Ed class...Cute funny film is a treat to horror fans."
–Ain't it cool news

"amazing film"

"awesome short film"

"Thrilling twisted piece of work on imagination...worth an admission price on it's own."
–The Montreal Gazette

"Imagine Seventh Grade Sex-Ed As Taught by H. P. Lovecraft"
–New York Magazine

"one of the best films ever screened"
–Portland Willamette Week

"Immaculately produced"
–Rooftop Films

"Late Bloomer steers Lovecraft in a frighteningly original direction. Craig Macneill's film succeeds on every level"

"There were many great short films, but "Late Bloomer" is the one I would recommend this year!"
–Vegas Arts Corner

"The audience didn't move, except to breathe, laugh and apply bug spray."
–Richmond Times Dispatch

Directed by Craig Macneill
Produced by Thom Little
Executive Producers: Rick Snider, Paul Wegimont
Written and Narrated by Clay McLoed Chapman
Director of Photography: Derek McKane
Music written and performed by One Ring Zero
Editor: Emily Williams
Sound Design: Peter Walsh
Production Designers: Mak & Claire Falkenberg
Starring: Sam Borenzweig, Lauren Bond, & Godfrey Pflager